Shapes of Ernö
Workshop Environment  

A spatial rebrand of 2 Willow’s educational programme that helps visitors understand Ernö Goldfinger’s practice through identifying key shapes and materials commonly found in his work.

Bespoke furniture was designed to facilitate a workshop learning space for 2 Willow. Modular chairs and tables were designed for the front porch area that could be transformed from a casual seating arrangement into a classroom setup.

An activity workbook was designed for students to consider how Goldfinger used wood, light and space in his architecture, and apply it into a design of their own.

Tools were designed to be used with the activity workbook. The light book is a series of wooden stencils in the shape of key light sources in 2 Willow.

Students can raise the stencils towards a light source and identify different shadows that may form throughout the day.

The 2 willow puzzle is a blueprint of the rooms in 2 Willow that gives students a tactile understanding of the estate.

The puzzle also doubles as stamps that students can use in their workbooks when creating their own designs.

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