Make it Count

A research workshop in collaboration with Kidney Care UK for a renal cookbook at the Tate Exchange. The space was transformed into an intimate dinner table where Renal patients, dieticians and doctors were invited to advise and discuss their experiences with the diet.

To better understand the needs of Renal patients, our team went on the diet for 7 days. The renal diet consists of low sodium, potassium, phosphorous foods and limited fluids.

Throughout the experience, we documented our meals as well as our feelings and frustrations.

Our research was put on display at the Tate Exchange. Our experiences helped initiate deeper conversations with Renal patients and allowed them to share stories about their own relationships with food.

The conversations revealed that a strong community & support system alleviated many of the difficulties they felt.

In celebration of this community, we wanted the cookbook to showcase the authentic lives of renal patients through a series of narrative inserts in between recipes. The inserts included interviews and photographs from real families.

We wanted the cookbook to be placed in the context of where it’s made - at home surrounded by family.

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