Farm to Material to Table
Dining Experience

A ‘5-course’ dining experience that tells the story of six innovative bio-materials through the medium of food. The dishes consist of foods that replicate the look, textures and processes of each bio-material.

The dining experience is facilitated by a host that eats the meal alongside the participants.

In conversation, the host will explain as the dishes appear, the different elements of the meal and how they relate to qualities of the bio-material.

Malai is a bio-composite material made from mature coconut water and bacteria cellulose.

The bacteria feeds on the coconut water to form a sheet of cellulose jelly that has the texture and look similar to Bakkwa (Chinese pork jerky), which was served with a side of fried rice.

To help navigate complex information, participants are given a menu at the end of their meal describing the dishes in detail as a takeaway item.

The menu includes illustrations and a glossary of terms to spell out details that might have been missed during the meal.

The project uses food as a universal communication tool to help people relate to an unfamiliar topic.

Overall, the dining experience aims to help people feel more connected to revolutionary innovations in the sustainable textiles and fashion industry.

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