(but we all want to be temperate)

An experiential inquiry into the scales of (dis)comfort we encounter in our everyday lives. The exhibition invited visitors to use their body and senses as a thermometer in a series of interactive activities to gauge what ‘temperate’ means to them.

The activities in the exhibition correspond to situations, ideas and constructs that are often considered uncomfortable.

To begin, the participants fill a form reflecting on their feelings upon arriving, and a second form as they are participating in the different activities.

At the end, participants compare and consider how the activities have challenged their comfort zones.

In the second activity, participants are challenged to a game to see how many people can you fit on the bench without touching the ground? As the game goes on, the modular benches are changed into configurations to make it more challenging.

The activity challenges our comfort with physical proximity. The form asks on a scale: ‘How close is too close?’

In the third activity, participants are met with a hole-in-the-wall that asks for their hand. In response, they are rewarded with a cooling droplet of menthol.

This activity and the form questions: ‘How do you feel about the unknown?’

In the fourth activity, participants are asked to dress a partner, considering the current temperature, in their optimal number of layers.

The fourth activity challenges our comfort with difference. The form asks on a scale: ‘How do you feel about someone else’s comfortable?’

In the last activity, participants are asked to melt an ice cube with a tool of their choice within a given time frame. If successful, they are rewarded with a drink.

The activity challenges our resilience and comfort towards pain. The form asks on a scale: ‘Have you felt this much pain recently?


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